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Story: 21.09.2017

Alpiq presents a new energy management portal for the first time

Xamax an der Ineltec

Xamax AG’s new energy management portal is called xenter.ch. In mid-September, the Alpiq subsidiary presented its innovation to the public for the first time. During Ineltec 2017, the Swiss industry’s meeting point for intelligent building technology, more than 200 potential customers were able to gain an insight into the portal’s benefits. The ...

Story: 14.09.2017

First contract for Alpiq E-Mobility in Italy

E-Mobility Italy Esselunga

Alpiq E-Mobility AG is expanding and recently implemented the first charging infrastructure project outside of Switzerland: for the Italian food corporation Esselunga in Verona. The electro-mobility company is focused on continued growth. The foundation for this growth is Alpiq’s Digital & Commerce business division, which Alpiq E-Mobility AG has ...

Media Release: 13.09.2017 09:00

Inauguration of the modernised Gondo hydropower plant in the Simplon region

Gondo hydropower plant

Simplon – This weekend, Energie Electrique du Simplon SA (EES) is celebrating the modernisation of the Gondo power plant. While two hydroelectric groups were overhauled, the third was replaced with a new group, in order to increase the power plant’s output and generation capacity. With its increased flexibility, the power plant can contribute ...

Media Release: 12.09.2017 07:00

Contract for the procurement of electricity from the Fessenheim nuclear power plant to be terminated

Documents pile

Berne – With effect from 31 December 2017, the Centrales Nucléaires en Participation SA consortium (CNP) is terminating the contract for the procurement of electricity from the Fessenheim nuclear power plant in France. Alpiq, Axpo and BKW each own a third of the shares in CNP.