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Energy with a future

Media Release: 05.02.2018 09:00

Alpiq presents solutions for the digitalised energy future

The energy future is digital.

Lausanne – The international energy market is becoming more complex, digital and decentralised. E-mobility, smart homes and the increasing flexibility in the field of energy trading are opening up new business opportunities. Alpiq is responding to this fundamental transformation of the energy business with innovative products and digital ...

Story: 26.01.2018

Our E-world talking points

E-World 2018

Alpiq represents digital transformation along the entire energy value chain. Alpiq's products and services are backed up by considerable expertise and profound consulting skills. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. E-world is a good opportunity to do just that, from 06/02 to 08/02/2018. We are looking forward to interesting and ...

Media Release: 30.11.2017 10:30

Successful completion of the SoloGrid flagship project in Riedholz


Lausanne – The completion of SoloGrid, the joint flagship project of Alpiq, AEK, Adaptricity and Landis+Gyr in the municipality of Riedholz in the Swiss canton of Solothurn shows promising results with a view towards a decentralised, networked and digital energy future. The goal of the project, which was supported by the Swiss Federal Office of ...