Alpiq in: Europe

International experience and local know-how

Alpiq has been trading in electricity on an international scale for the past 90 years. Today we are active throughout Europe and operate our own subsidiaries in 26 countries. We trade on all major European energy exchanges, trading platforms and gas hubs.

Our employees across Europe ensure that Alpiq is well-versed in local markets and cultures, and that customers can be confident their needs are understood.

Our specialists monitor and analyse each and every trend in the energy sector in order to develop appropriate strategies and products. Alpiq stays one step ahead of the market.

Having started with electricity trading, we have expanded our activities to other commodities, such as gas, oil and coal as well as emission certificates.

Supplying power from Poland to Greece

National borders also set boundaires on international electricity trading. Capacity for cross-border electricity transport is limited, and in many countries the allocation of capacity is governed by complex procedures. Alpiq is familiar with all allocation mechanisms and liaises with grid operators in all markets. This way, we can transport electricity throughout Europe and deliver it to our customers across Europe.