Alpiq in: Europe

Energy supply technology


Alpiq is a competent partner for energy supply technology. We make sure that electricity can flow – and arrives reliably and safely at its destination. From planning through assembly and commissioning, we can provide all services from a single source.


Planning and execution of overhead line construction projects


Building overhead lines is high-risk work. This makes it all the more important to use trained, experienced personnel combined with state-of-the-art equipment. We have both, making us the ideal partner for overhead line construction.

Planning and execution of cable assembly projects


Cable assembly is one of our specialist areas for energy supply projects. Our experienced assembly teams lay all kinds of cables, supported by a large fleet of specialist vehicles and machines.

Planning and execution of underground cabling projects


Underground cabling is one of our specialist areas in the energy supply technology sector and has a range of application areas: we carry out excavation, extraction and concrete work, and we lay pipes and draw cables.

Planning and execution of trenchless piping projects

Grabenloser Leitungsbau

There are various advantages to trenchless piping in the energy supply technology sector – whether for house connections or canalisation. We offer every process.

Planning and execution of site management and foreman services

Werkleitungs- und Baumeisterarbeiten

Whether it is cabling, trenches, roads or waterworks – we can move the earth and overcome all sorts of challenges. Wherever foreman services are required in conjunction of cables, we are the obvious, capable partner.

Planning, installation and service of technical construction-site installations

Technische Baustellenanlagen

We provide complete temporary systems for site energy supply. This means there is always enough power on site.

Planning, construction and service of electric motors


We configure and create industrial electrical systems in the area of electric motors and motor winding. Our range of services also includes comprehensive fault analysis and system maintenance.

Planning, construction and service of switchboards


We have decades of experience in switchboard construction and act as a single source to complete projects from A to Z.

Maintenance work in and around power plants


In order to operate power plants and substations safely, they need to be maintained and serviced on an ongoing basis. We offer a wide range of power plant maintenance services.