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Railway technology

Bahn- und Fahrleitungstechnik

We are pioneers in railway technology with over 100 years of experience. Whether overhead lines for trains, trams or trolleybuses, specialised railway track construction work, cable laying or rail safety technology – we are a competent partner and cover the entire value chain.


Planning, installation and service of catenary wires for rail systems

Fahrleitungen für Bahn-Systeme

Since the electrification of the railways over 100 years ago, we have been dealing with catenary wires. It is partly thanks to our know-how that the trains of today are energy efficient, clean and fast.

Planning, installation and service of catenary wires for tram and trolleybus systems

Fahrleitungen für Tram- und Trolleybus-Systeme

Market leader in Switzerland and strong in Europe: catenary wires for tram and trolleybus systems are our core business. Our products and services support catenary wires throughout their service life.

Planning, installation and service of safety systems for rail systems


We help thousands of train passengers reach their destinations safely and on time every day thanks to our safety systems for rail systems.

Planning, installation and service of remote control systems for rail systems


Our remote control systems are based on powerful, open technologies. They meet all of the railway operators’ requirements for an economic system for remote control and remote monitoring.

Planning, installation and service of railway tunnel infrastructures

Tunnelinfrastrukturen Bahn

Railway tunnels present extremely challenging conditions. This requires substantial investment in infrastructure. We ensure that the operator will continue to run a reliable, powerful, flexible and safe system even 20 years down the line.

Planning and execution of cable assembly projects


Cable assembly is one of our specialist areas in the railway technology sector. Our experienced assembly teams lay all kinds of cables, supported by a large fleet of specialist vehicles and machines.

Planning and execution of trenchless piping projects

Grabenloser Leitungsbau

Trenchless piping offers a variety of advantages in the railway technology sector – for example for projects involving rail underpasses. We offer every process.

Planning and execution of track construction projects


As part of track-based maintenance and construction projects, the civil engineering specialists from Kummler+Matter Ltd are responsible for some of the more challenging track construction tasks. These activities in and around the track area must be completed in a short amount of time during the day and, primarily, at night.