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Energy with a future

Story: 18.10.2018

E-mobility: insurance against climate damage


Insurance companies are directly affected by climate change because it causes damage to insured property and persons. At Gebäudeversicherung Bern (GVB), floods, hail, landslides and other so-called natural hazards account for most cases of damage. Any positive contribution to the environment has a direct influence on business activity. Alpiq ...

Media Release: 05.10.2018 07:00

Adjustment of set interest rate on subordinated CHF hybrid

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Lausanne – In May 2013, Alpiq Holding AG placed a perpetual hybrid of CHF 650 million with an interest rate of 5% on the capital market. Under the terms of the hybrid, Alpiq has the right to redeem the hybrid for the first time on 15 November 2018. In line with its financial strategy, Alpiq waives the right to exercise this redemption option.

Media Release: 13.09.2018 20:00

Further decrease of gross debt following conclusion of bonds buyback

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Lausanne – Alpiq Holding Ltd. (Alpiq) has successfully completed its fourth buyback of bonds. Overall, bonds totalling CHF 300 million will be repurchased. With this measure, the company is further decreasing its gross debt and financing costs in line with its financial strategy.